"The Valley of the Hundred Waterfalls", or Cento Fonti, is located at the foot of Mount Gorzano which with its 2458m of altitude represents the highest peak of the Laga massif, above the village of Cesacastina (1140m asl), part of the municipality of Crognaleto in province of Teramo.

A real "Water Factory", a highly evocative and spectacular place located in the Gran Sasso - Monti della Laga National Park which takes its name from the countless waterfalls that the Fosso dell'Acero stream feeds as it descends through woods, beech trees , beautiful wildflowers and spectacular sandstone slides. A visit in late spring is highly recommended when, in the most beautiful period of the year, in full bloom, it tends to leave visitors breathless for the different species of orchids present with highly bright colors.

The panorama, surrounded by the attentive gaze of Corno Grande (2912m), the highest peak of the Apennines, from Pizzo di Intermesoli (2635m) and Monte Corvo (2635m), is spectacularly breathtaking but a natural environment frequented by wolves and from many other wild species such as roe deer, foxes, red deer and golden eagles to make it even more unique.

The loop trail is one of the most classic and famous in central Italy, has a difference in height of about 600m (starting altitude 1150m, maximum altitude 1700m) with an average duration of 6 hours of travel that does not present particular difficulties or dangers. provided that the path is followed only where indicated and without setting foot on the stone slabs at the side of the watercourse that erosion makes extremely slippery even in summer when the flow is reduced.