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Our Mission

Destination Abruzzo is Pietro and Angela.

This idea was born  in our hearts before landing on our minds.

This feeling has begun to take roots from the very first time we started to travel and explore the world together and reached its climax when we first moved to the United Kingdom, at first and to the United States, then, starting our life away from our homeland.


After more than seven years living in the States, as permanent residents at first and as American citizens now, we have noticed that in all these years  we unintentionally showed and talked, to our international friends, of the innate passion we have for this hidden place in Italy called Abruzzo . Everyone was surprised to learn how precious this region is, rich in history and wild nature. Nobody had any idea of what extraordinary landscapes you could see and what finest cuisine you could  taste there. 


At one point, we looked at each other with eyes full of pride and we said: the time has come to unveil our Abruzzo to the world in our own way, to show what the Abruzzo's personality is made of, the same as ours: "strong and gentle".

This is what Destination Abruzzo is all about, powered by 100% authentic Italian passion! 


PROMOTE the Abruzzo region enhancing  in a comprehensive way all the excellence that the territory has to offer while approaching the concept of sustainable and responsible tourism and traveling with a purpose as we believe that having a cause or subject you’re particularly interested in will strengthen the connection you have to a given destination.

HELP survive the ancient traditions of the Abruzzo heritage while sustaining the small communities and local economy, supporting craftsmen, artists, farmers, manufacturers, small hospitality centers and professionals guides. We strongly want to empower all these small but authentic realities contrasting the mass-market.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE  - “Act as if what you do makes a difference, it does.” William James

We want to make a difference and feel fulfilled by giving back and donate to non-profit organizations that have as main purpose to stop the degradation of our planet's natural environment, by preserving the flora and fauna and build a future in which people live in harmony with Mother nature as well as contribute to all those organizations that help survive all the ancient "Borghi" d'Abruzzo that could disappear forever along with their precious history.

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