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Cinquina Soledoro - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered - 100% Italian Olives

Where the Abruzzo' sun shines on the green hills of Frentano, at the foot of the Maiella, the place where the Cinquina Company selects the best olives with passion and dedication.



100% Italian - Cold pressed

Unfiltered olive oil retains some solids in suspension and small particles of water of the olive itself, due to the natural decantation itself, as it has not gone through the filtration process. For this reason, the unfiltered oils have a turbid appearance and the filtered oils have a more transparent and shiny appearance.


About the producer:

Cinquina International is an Abruzzo company specializing in the production of extra virgin olive oil, table olives and in oil.


The Cinquina company has a long family tradition in the processing of oil and olives, which began with commitment and dedication since 1940. The founder was Pasquale Cinquina, who began his production and sale of extra virgin olive oil in Altino, a small town in the province of Chieti. In the following years, his son Saverio decided to continue in his father's footsteps, supporting him in the production and sale of oil, but innovating at the same time by introducing the processing and sale of table olives. In those years, the two inaugurated the family oil mill.


Over time, passion, technology and attention to the selection of the best raw materials have paid off the Cinquina company placing it among the first companies in Abruzzo, supported by obtaining the following certifications:


BRC - Global Standard for Food Safety, a global standard for food safety;

Halal Certification - a Quality Certification that certifies that the products, be they food, chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic, comply with the ethical-religious norms of Islamic Shariaa, and therefore in keeping with the life of the Muslim final consumer;


IFS - International Food Standard, an international standard based on a shared evaluation method to qualify and select suppliers of food products;


Certification of organic products.
Cinquina International carefully preserves its own Brand Identity: a family business that for three generations has been dedicated to the production of high quality products of the Italian culinary art.

Cinquina Soledoro - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Unfiltered - 100% Italian

$30,50 Prezzo regolare
$25,93Prezzo scontato
    • 100% Product of Italy

    • Cold Pressed

    • Unfiltered

    • Net Weight: 34 fl oz (1 L)

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