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Organic Senatore Cappelli Orecchiette

Senatore Cappelli is a durum wheat variety, selected in 1915 by agronomist Nazareno Strampelli. This authentic Italian grain was dedicated to Marchese Raffaele Cappelli from Abruzzo, Senator of the Italian Kingdom and promoter of the 20th century Agrarian Reform.


This autumnal variety is well suited for organic farming due to its considerable height, which can reach above 1.5 meters (4 feet). This 100% Italian-grown Senatore Cappelli variety has unique and distinctive brownish-black awns with large glassy grains. After milling, the resulting semolina has a bright amber-yellow color. The pasta has a subtle sweet, malty flavor and pleasing supple texture.


Orecchiette meaning "little ears," is the most famous pasta from Puglia. Done by pressing the dough with the thumb, this pasta is also known as Orecchie di Prete in Abruzzo, meaning "the ears of the priest." Traditionally served alla Pugliese (with broccoli rabe, sausage, and garlic) or with a hearty meat ragù so that the sauce is cupped in the pasta.


Cooking Time: 13-16 minutes

Organic Senatore Cappelli Orecchiette

SKU: 7-93232-22116-8
  • Rustichella d'Abruzzo, Pianella (PE) Abruzzo, Italy

  • durum wheat 

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