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My name is Arianna DiCicco and instead of calling myself “Italo-Americana” I prefer to identify as “Abruzzese-Californiana”.

Originally, I’m from California and my paternal grandparents are from the medieval village of Pacentro in the L’Aquila province of Abruzzo. During my childhood through young adulthood I’ve often traveled to Abruzzo, for holidays and summers, to visit my Nonni and the experiential learning during these visits is how I came to understand my family’s history and culture. As a dual citizen, I later decided to live and work in Italy full time which ultimately, became an incredibly formative experience for my identity and what being Italian means to me. After living in San Francisco, Rome and New York City, it has become a true passion of mine to share my deep love for Abruzzo, an undiscovered part of Italy that tells a different story about “la dolce vita”. 

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Hi everybody,
My name is Martina and I'am a genuine, cheerful and big dreamer girl who loves the adventure, mountains, travels and photography, but beyond this and a thousand other passions, such as cooking, I have an unconditional love for my Abruzzo region.
This is where I was born and raised, where as a child I wandered around the mountains with my family having picnics lying on the grass eating lasagna and pizzelle, where on Sunday my grandmother prepared me handmade homeade pasta and the scent of the  ragù sauce invaded the whole house; it is where every Saturday morning I found myself on the abruzzese shore to admire the old fishermen's houses and be fascinated by so much authenticity.

Why do I love my region so much?

I could give you a thousand reasons in addition to those I have just listed above but I will limit myself to telling you that Abruzzo is a perfect combination of seaside and mountains, between art and history, between good food and deep traditions, between ancient villages and people with a big heart.
Through my photo, storytelling and exploration I want you to fall in love with the beauties of Abruzzo as it happened to me. I strongly believe in making a difference and I hope to be able to convey my enthusiasm with my writing.
"Happiness is not a place to arrive but a home to return to".

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(Marty and Travel)



Hello friends!

My name is Antonello, a true-born Abruzzese born in Guardiagrele in the province of Chieti. I have two great passions: one is photography, the other is traveling! There's no better place to bring these two interests together but in Abruzzo. Do you love the sea or are you more of a mountain lover? Do you prefer to spend a day at the lake or on the bank of a river?

It doesn't matter what your preferences are because in Abruzzo you will find anything you like and much more! So let's get this journey started! 

I will take you with me to discover this fantastic region telling you about my adventures and sharing my shots!

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I could introduce myself as an Olympic dark chocolate eater, in reality I am Francesca, from Pescara born and raised. Proud of having a "Strong and Gentle" soul as the authentic abruzzesi inhabitants. I have always lived my region in every corner. From the seaside to the hills and the mountains always accompanied by good food.

The unmistakable aromas and flavors of Abruzzo have led me to become passionate about the world of cooking. Initially with desserts such as "pizza doce", the "fritti" and parrozzo.

Then came all the delicious savory dishes of the Abruzzese culinary heritage, how to give up the "pallotte cace e ove" for example?! 

That was impossible!!

So I decided to start the blog in 2012 after taking a pastry course. My oven was always on and since I've always had the hobby of photography since I was a child, the combination was perfect to start this new social adventure.

Later, thanks to my husband's advice, I opened the youtube channel.
To date it has 15,000 members and is constantly growing. I make recipes of all kinds, but the culinary heart always beats for my Abruzzo.

My motto is: "if no one sees you while you eat it, that dessert has no calories"

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(Polvere di Spezie)